How To Get More Views On YouTube?

How To Get More Views On YouTube?

The online video platform YouTube provides an avenue to start your own channel and gain access to over 2 billion users and get your message or content seen. Sharing content on YouTube can be a great way to reach out to new audiences but many creators and businesses find minifying views due to the difficult YouTube algorithm. There are a variety of techniques that you can employ and fast-track your growth as well as maintain it for a more sustainable long-term success.

With that in mind, this article will provide a comprehensive breakdown of 10 actionable and proven tips to get more views on YouTube.

#1: Have a Deep Understanding of SEO

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) on YouTube. Organically discovered video content has steadily become the most efficient approach that attracts viewers to your channel.

Having a deep understanding of SEO techniques however, is key. Create interesting, user-friendly titles that accurately describe the content of your videos. Research appropriate keywords that you can weave into titles and sections of captions/ descriptions (metadata). Connect videos and commentary with hashtag to join conversations and trends, and by doing these, you’ll make your content discoverable and boost your ranking.

#2: Optimize Thumbnails

Thumbnails play an influential role on YouTube and help users determine what to click on which is why optimizing any and all thumbnails should be done efficiently. Thumbnails are the absolutely key in hooking people since it acts as a preview for viewers.

Make sure that thumbnails have compelling titles, relevant images and relevant content. Additionally, use bright colors to let the thumbnail stand out from other content. Especially make sure that thumbnails capture the emotion of your topics. 

#3: Are Interested in YouTube Ads

Many creators have also invested time and resources into YouTube Ads to make big breakthroughs on their channels. YouTube Ads allow you to customize your target audience by gender, age, location, and interests. Start by researching the relevant demographics of their key audience and aiming to engage their ideal viewers most optimally. 

The cost of the Ads can be set according to individual video goals and they integrate seamlessly into your content. When different demographics are exposed to your Ads, they can become naturally absorbed into the channel to gain a larger and more diverse viewership.

#4: Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is a quick route to gaining quick traction and reach on videos. Influencer marketing includes techniques to identify, approach, and work with influencers. These influencers can be in the form of authors, reporters, experts, and industry influencers. 

Starting out, each marketer needs to identify the most influential people on social media who have already established themselves within the niche and have built connections with an engaged audience. Reach out to each influencer and look to find long term collaborations which could work for both parties. Usually, these influencers can suggest relevant content, help with boosting your viewership and make the feature that allows cross-platform access credible.

#5: Create Series or a Series of Videos

Oftentimes it has been seen YouTube viewers engage more when content is created in series or in a mixed up with different types of Videos. People feel intrigued and hooked on when something progresses and looks forward to it. Therefore, to evoke more emotion from viewers, producing videos such as time-lapse, behind the scenes, and videos about competitions can help to maintain viewership and engagement. It is also best to make sure that the videos are not time sensitive, so people can watch them even weeks after the original publishing date.

#6: Involve Yourself in the Community

The biggest attribute that sets YouTube content apart from the competition is the close-knit community and interactivity that characterizes YouTube content. It is important to start conversations by involving viewers in the comments section and seek to answer any queries they may have. It serves to underline the importance of community in furthering videos’ viewership.  

#7: Competent use of Playlists

Organizing your channel and its content will help viewers see what they wish to watch and helps the algorithm recommend it more easily. You can split longer videos and compile related videos under the right topic. Doing this will improve the relevancy of your Youtube videos and make them easier to find. 

#8: Use Annotations and End Screens

Utilize your free annotation options if you have a cool-down time with your videos. Be sure to make them relevant and use an element of surprise to get the user’s attention. 

Some of the choices of annotations to use include clickable callouts,Spotlight annotations, voting cards, and teasers. Don’t forget to use engaging visuals too.Given the high costs of ads and the competition for viewers’ attention, these free contextual annotations and interactive elements play a big job in increasing the reach and engagement of your videos.

Similarly, using end screens on your videos can add call-to-action videos and other resources to encourage viewers to watch different videos.

#9: Use Your Parent’s Social Media

Social media is one of a critical aspect to seeking promotional opportunities and rich interactions with viewers. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great sources of potential views. Companies should also look to engage social media influencers and target society’s casual audiences. 

Using tactics across these networks to promote videos on other websites, including Reddit, forums and Reddit threads, is another effective way for YouTube videos to gain more views. 

# 10: Paid PR 

Last but not the least, supplementing your YouTube channel strategy with paid media is a great way to direct a considerable amount of views and new subscribers. Media websites and blogs may be marketed by leveraging partnerships with relevant influencers. 

Paid media campaigns that are directed to major websites can often serve to hook people or get people to re-watch all of your videos to maximize views and subscribers, depending on the objective of your campaign.


It can be challenging to increase YouTube views and maintain them but applying key methods and tactics can help you get more views on the platform in less time, especially if your primary goal is organic reach. Having an in-depth knowledge of SEO for videos, making thumbnails and end screens creative and engaging, collaborating with influencers and fully investing in paid PR are all-important tips that you may need to utilize with efficiency. Additionally, organizing content, engaging in the community and understanding analytics can help bolster your success.

By taking the time to understand the fast-evolving algorithms, YouTube may be the perfect opportunity to boost your online presence – as well as capitalizing on the wealth of opportunities beyond the platform.

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