How To Remove TikTok Filter?

How To Remove TikTok Filter?

The internet is full of ways to make life easier, and using filters is one of them. There's no point in going through the tedious process of editing your videos or photos yourself, when you can use a filter to allow you to take a beautiful snapshot without any effort.

Filters are popular in many social media platforms with TikTok being one of the major examples. The app offers several pre-made filters that can be applied to the videos you upload, allowing them to produce intricate and exciting visuals. However, some users may want to remove those filters, either because they want to edit the videos on their own or just lead a simpler look for their videos.

It is possible to remove a TikTok filter from a video, but it’s not always easy. If you’re someone trying to figure out how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over a few different ways in which you can remove a TikTok filter from your videos.

What Are TikTok Filters?

Before you can remove a filter from a video, it’s important to understand what TikTok filters are. A TikTok filter is an image or video effect used to ‘enhance’ the content of your videos. It can be used to alter tone, or provide an artsy look to a given video.

When applied to a video, these filters can transform simple shots into professional ones with elaborate ratios and settings. It’s not necessary to be familiar with dynamics, saturations, or even color theory to be able to use TikTok filters. All you need to do is pick a filter and apply it to your video.

TikTok offers a variety of filters, from the classic black and white to more vibrant and outrageous ones. If you’re trying to pick filters, it makes sense to look around the internet for samples of the filters you can apply and decide which ones will fit the videos you’re making.

How To Find Your TikTok Filters

The first step to removing a TikTok filter is finding the one you want to remove. Every filter you apply to a video creates a new effect and can be distinguished from each other on the app’s menu.

To find the list of filters you’ve already used, you’ll have to open the app and select “ Filters”. On that tab, a list of different filters you’ve previously chosen will be laid out.

Once you’re on that tab, you can just select the filter you’re looking for which will show you all the videos or images featuring it on TikTok. If you’re trying to remove that filter, simply ‘un-apply’ it by clicking on the elimination cup icon and it will erase it from the list.

Which Filters Can Be Removed?

Most of the filters you find on TikTok can be eliminated from your videos, regardless of how intricate the filter may look. All you have to do is click on the elimination cup icon.

Some filters are only available in trial versions and can’t be un-applied unless you become a premium user. It’s worth noting that if you do pay for the premium membership of TikTok, all filters that you apply will be permanent unless you decide to manually remove them.

How To Remove Filters On Editing Platforms?

TikTok allows users to remove filters, but this will only happen if they manually take them out. If you want to go ahead and take out a filter from your video, you’ll have to do so with an editor. Some popular apps available for download are:

- Adobe Premiere Pro

- Final Cut Pro

- iMovie

You can choose one to download and follow their tutorial, then start editing out the frames of the filter from your video.

How To Remove TikTok Filter?

On mobile, the process can be slightly different. If you tried to remove one previously and didn’t succeed, that’s because there are some tricks specific to phones that you had to remember.

When you want to remove a filter on mobile, open your video and tap the pencil icon found above (with a red outline on the right side) your video. There, you’ll see the option of “Edit Video.”

Once you press the button, a selection of filters with the ‘Elimination cup’ option available to the right of each one will appear. Click the elimination cup and the filter you want to remove will no longer be featured on your video. Repeat until all filters are removed.

Tips On Choosing A TikTok Filter

Once you’ve managed to remove any existing filters it's time to pick filters for your videos so that you don’t need to remove them in the future! Selecting the right filter can be the difference between a good video and an amazing one.

When choosing a TikTok filter, be mindful of the type of mood you require and the type of video you’re trying to create. If you’re making a funny and light-hearted comedy sketch, a filter with a stronger colorful and contrasting effect will stick out more. On the other hand, if it’s a drama or more serious type of video, you should pick one with a more sombre tonality.

Another tip while choosing the filter is to check the type of light and lighting effects available on the app. Having the right amount of light is essential to any video, and picking the right filter can help you get it right.


While removing a TikTok filter can be complicated, it’s not impossible as you can learn with this article. Taking filters off through the Filters tab or “Edit Video” are two methods that can be employed on mobile phones while using certain third-party editing apps is another way to go about it.

On TikTok, it’s not just about taking the filters off but also picking one that amplifies the mood of the video. Taking some time to learn all the aesthetic factors such as light and shadow, color temperature, and dynamics can give you the best look for your videos, even with subtle use of filters. All it needs is a bit of know-how and time.

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