What Is The F74 Trend On Tiktok?

What Is The F74 Trend On Tiktok?

The F74 trend on TikTok has quickly shot to immense popularity over recent weeks. But what exactly is it? How did it originate? And how can you use TikTok to become a part of the F74 trend? 

In this deep dive into the F74 TikTok trend, we will explore all these questions and provide you with tips on how to become a part of the trend. 

So, without further ado...

What Is the F74 Trend on TikTok?

The F74 trend on TikTok is basically a simple video clip made up of 74 frames, or 74 pieces of video footage. The movement of objects or people in each frame is usually danced to, usually with multiple people participating in the dance in the same room. Each dancer will either do their own part, or work to enhance the overall visual.

It’s easy to become a part of the trend - all you need to do is turn on the sound you want to dance along to, jump into the camera view, and get daring with your moves!

Origin of the F74 Trend on TikTok

The F74 trend on TikTok originated as an international trend from Japan, sweeping into Europe and becoming incorporated into modern-day TikTok videos.

The trend started with a popular post from user @marikon316. The original video consists of 74 frames, with Marikon316 dancing while each frame is filled with various objects and accessories.

This form of video is rather eye-catching, and allows multiple people to get involved to create the entire video.

Getting Creative With the F74 Video Trend

Due to the origins of the F74 Trend essentially tied to a production process, there really are no rules when it comes to your creative options. 

The F74 video trend adapts to various tastes, giving you full freedom to get involved and break as many rules as you want. 

People have used F74 style videos for dancing to almost any type of music, from slight variations of Jazz, Hip Hop and EDM etc. 

Furthermore, the trend can be switch up to include modern technology such as beat racing.

Tips & Tricks For Creating Your F74 Video

If you’re thinking of joining the F74 trend, but are scared of where to start - fear not! Here’s a useful guide of some useful tips and tricks that could help bring to life your F74 video: 

1. Pick A Good Moment 

The trick to having a successful F74 video is to start with a distinctive moment before winding up your video. Making sure you have exciting words or actions planned out ahead of time is vital for aiding your video’s impact and making it engaging.

2. Have Fun With it! 

It goes without saying that the F74 video trend is all about making the most of the moment, but also having fun with the process whilst filming. 

This is an excellent trend for involving large groups of people simultaneously, so make sure to get your friends, family and colleagues on board to all get involved!

3. Be Prepared For Any Moment 

Spontaneous moments whilst filming can really make or break a F74 video, meaning it’s always worth preparing too!

Maybe even have a few accessories nearby just in case you get a special moment that you need to incorporate, or even splash out on a fancy camera if you’re serious about your F74 TikTok ambition. 

4. Don’t Over Complicate Things 

There’s no need to make your F74 video super technical or daunting.
Failing to get too carried away can be the difference between a plain video, and one that stands out from the rest and grabs the attention of your peers.

Receiving Attention on TikTok Through the F74 Video Trend

TikTok creates an almost direct line of communication with your viewers, meaning gaining exposure for a direct and personal message is completely doable.
The F74 video trend is perfect for callouts, understandings and consolidating other trends - all with a sense of fun. 
Trends such as this one offer very simply techniques for going viral on TikTok, so make sure not to shy away from this opportunity! 

It’s undeniable that TikTok has become the hottest social media platform of the moment. The trend of posting viral videos, songs, and comedy skits has gained major attention, particularly the use of F74 videos. F74, a French cinema-style meme, involves superimposing yourself into a film scene, usually stopping the action and then performing various tasks, like dancing or playing a game of charades. This trend has quickly gained traction, with many people eager to join in to get a chance at becoming TikTok-famous. Surprisingly, the effects of the F74 trend are so powerful that people are gaining huge amounts of followers and likes after just one F74 posting – showing the world just how popular it's become.


The F74 trend on TikTok is an exciting video trend consisting of 74 frames, originating from Japan. Videos created as part of this trend are eye-catching and generally creative; they are usually danced to and feature multiple people participating in the dance in the same room. They allow an immense level of creative freedom, providing the opportunity to get creative with different props and background music.

Creating a successful F74 TikTok video requires some technical knowledge and expertise. It’s important to start with an exciting moment, and even involve other people to make it more entertaining. Preparing for any spontaneous moments and knowing when to not over complicate is also extremely important. 

The F74 trend is a simple but exciting trend for gaining exposure on TikTok. With the chance for direct callouts, understandings and consolidations, a F74 video is a surefire success waiting to happen!

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