How To Make A YouTube Video 16 Tips For Beginners

How To Make A YouTube Video 16 Tips For Beginners

These days, YouTube is one of the best ways to get your creativity out into the world and build an audience. It's no exaggeration when we say that just about anyone can make a YouTube video with ease. But before embarking on this awesome journey, what should aspiring content creators keep in mind when it comes to the rules about making a successful YouTube video? Here are 16 tips for beginners that can prove to be very helpful in managing the overall YouTube experience.

Tip #1 - Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment

The first and perhaps the most important tip for any aspiring content creator is to ensure that they have all of the necessary equipment in order to make and upload their video. This includes having a computer or laptop, and a good video or digital camera. The quality of the recording equipment is of utmost importance and the better and more sophisticated the recording devices will result in a better result overall.

Tip #2 – Choose An Interesting Subject

The goal when making a YouTube video should be to create content that is unique and engaging. It’s important to brainstorm and decide on what kind of topics are going to be covered and then choose one that stands out and is interesting. This could be talking about current events or offering interesting perspectives or advice on various topics. 

Tip #3 – Utilize Lighting

Lighting is an important component to consider when shooting a video. Natural lighting from windows near the camera should be utilized to ensure that viewers can see the subject clearly. Camera lighting can also be used for a brighter and more professional look.

Tip #4 – Think About Framing

When planning out the video, consider how your framing will look. What will the background look like? Think about the best way to capture the audio and visuals in one movable scene. This will give the video a more cinematic quality and make it more appealing to potential viewers.

Tip #5 – Dress Appropriately and Utilize Props

When shooting, it's important to consider the clothes and makeup or accessories you'll be wearing. Clothing should be comfortable and chosen with the video in mind. For example, a close-fitting shirt won't be noticeable in a video but may be distracting. Use of props or other elements in the video can help draw the attention of viewers and should be taken into consideration.

Tip #6 – Record in Adequate Space

When choosing the recording space, consider if there's enough room in the chosen area to record a successful video. Remember that movement and positioning are key components to shooting a successful video that looks good. It's also important to account for window glare, background noise, and the microphone Distance.

Tip #7 – Find Music That Fits

Before you even start recording, search for some royalty-free music you can use. Just ensure that the music track you chose is upbeat and encouraging. The goal is to make a video that appeals to viewers and gives them another reason to watch and share your content. 

Tip #8 - Pick the Right Resolution

Video resolution is a key factor for achieving success on YouTube, so here’s a general rundown. HD videos should be between 1280x720 and 1920x1080, whereas 4K videos should be shot in an aspect ratio that's between 2:1 and 2.5:1. This aspect ratio should then be resized to fit YouTube’s 4K standard.

Tip #9 - Craft an Attractive Thumbnail 

Having an eye-catching thumbnail will give viewers an idea of what to expect from the video and will entice potential viewers to click on it. Invest some time in creating a nice thumbnail and give it the title it deserves.

Tip #10 – Perfect That Audio

Audio is one of the most important elements of any YouTube video. Shoot test videos with various settings in order to find the right balance between delivering crisp audio quality and not overdoing levels. This will help make the video sound better and more professional.

Tip #11 – Shoot In Short Clips

Shooting video in shorter clips has a few advantages. You can easily take a few segments and rearrange them if necessary. It also leaves a few seconds of no video or sound, providing the flexibility to add staged intros and outros. 

Tip #12 - Capture From a Variety of Angles

Shooting the same scene from multiple angles gives you the creative flexibility to edit your YouTube video in a more creative way. By providing extra footage you’re also creating extra ammunition for yourself for what you think could potentially work within the video.

Tip #13 – Use Special Effects Wisely

Using editing effects is a great way to add flavor to the overall footage. Adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation can all be done in post-production and add an aesthetic quality and uniqueness to the video that viewers appreciate. Of course, too much of this can make the video look bad so be sure to utilize effects sparingly.

Tip #14 – Use Titles and Captions

Adding text such as titles, subtitles, or animated captions enhances the atmosphere of the video and helps viewersi follow the video without being distracted. These can be inserted easily with most video editing programs, allowing you to provide snippets of additional information to the viewer when necessary.

Tip #15 – Include a Call-To-Action

After the video has been completed and published, viewers should know what the next step is. This can be a call-to-action asking viewers to like and subscribe to your channel or something more specific like offering a link to a website, or video.

Tip #16 – Organize Your Videos

Organization is key when it comes to content. Create a schedule for when you will produce and upload content, and an overall plan for the type of videos you want to produce. Be consistent and always strive for an aesthetic standard, as this will help keep your videos looking crisp and professional.


Making a successful YouTube video isn’t a complicated process. With the right equipment and a few tips, anyone can learn how to create great videos. Think about the aesthetic, sound quality, and content when it comes to YouTube videos, as this will make all the difference between success and failure. Follow the above 16 tips and begin your journey to becoming a renowned content creator.

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