How To Rank On Instagram Explore Page

How To Rank On Instagram Explore Page

Rank on Instagram Explore Page is number one for your Instagram success.

Instagram's Explore Page is a compilation of posts that Instagram thinks you'll be interested in. However, how does Instagram know what your passions are?

Instagram has devised an algorithm for their Explore Page using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and large data collection. The Instagram Explore Page Algorithm is a set of steps used to make each Instagram account's explore feed unique. The system selects content that best matches your interests based on a variety of variables.

How to Rank On Instagram Explore Page

The major components of the Instagram Explore Page Algorithm will be revealed just below. Understanding these variables will help your posts land on the Explore Tab, resulting in a huge rise in your following, brand visibility, and interaction.

1. Video Content is Still King

When it comes to Instagram content, nothing is attracting more attention than video material. Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Instagram Live have all been launched. Instagram is increasingly focusing on video content.

By realizing that Instagram is attempting to push more videos to all users. It might be beneficial to your Instagram account if you began producing more video material. You might be hesitant to get in right now, but let's take a look at some Instagram data first.

Instagram Photos Vs Videos

Sponsored Videos receive 2-3 times more comments than Sponsored Photos, according to numerous studies and experiments. While Instagram hasn't explicitly stated that comments are more valuable than likes when it comes to ranking on the Explore tab, it's safe to assume that they are. Comments, without a doubt, take longer to read and elicit more consideration from the viewer.

Instagram's main goal is to generate social chatter & keep users on the platform for as long as feasible. If your material achieves one of these goals, it will almost certainly go viral on the Explore Tab. What better method to accomplish this than through video content.

Instagram videos are no longer limited to 3-60 seconds; IGTV films can now be up to an hour long. This means that content makers will have more time to develop engaging and entertaining material.

Conclusion, its better for photos to get Instagram Power Likes, and for videos to get Instagram Power Comments

2. "Related Hashtags" is a new feature.

Any Instagram post can include up to 30 hashtags, so make sure you use them all! Also, don't use hashtags that are too generic. Make an effective hashtag list that changes from post to post. For each Instagram account, here is how my hashtag breakdown works:

-5 Hashtags that are trending.
Any hashtag that is currently popular or trending on Instagram or in your niche can be used. This is a terrific method to get a piece of the hashtag's viral excitement by tagging along.

-10 hashtags: post/event specific.
Meaning these are fresh hashtags that you find for every post. They are specific in the sense that they apply directly to the subject of the content, the location, etc.
Some examples include: #bugattichiron #youngentrepreneursclub #socialmediamarketingtips2021

-15 hashtags that pertain specifically to the niche my account is in.
These are broad niche specific hashtags. You always want to have a couple of really big hashtags that are viral already. Then mix in someones that are highly followed.

When it comes to modifying the Explore Page, recognizing the significance Instagram places on key elements is crucial. The impact of hashtags is enormous. Make certain you're harnessing that power.

3. Engagement Boosting to Go Viral

The Explore Page organizes content in an unusual manner. Not only does your Explore Page contain stuff that is comparable to what you are interested in. It also includes content that your followers interact with. Because of the connectivity of interests, a spider web network of material might grow among followers.

This gives your content the ability to have greater reach and exposure, dependent on the accounts that you follow or engage with.
One of the best methods of reaching the explore page is receiving engagement on your post within the first 1 hour

4. Reposting Viral Content.

Some of us lack the resources and inventiveness required to generate such fascinating content. But have no fear! Instagram is a platform for content sharing.
There is a plethora of viral content on Instagram that you can repost.

NOTE: It is imperative that you always credit the original creators.

Instagram has a new way of categorizing its content. Small tabs at the top of the explore page have been established to help readers find information in different niches by using broad niche subjects. These speciality tabs take viewers to a topic-specific explore page.

This will help followers to discover information in niches they would not ordinarily look at. This is just another way for Instagram to provide a wide range of material to all of its users. The introduction of these tabs will result in significant growth in these markets. There are now only a few specialties that are listed. They include:

Shop, IGTV, Well-Being, Travel, Architecture, Decore, Art, Food, Style, TV & Movies, DIY,  Humor, Music, Beauty

These niche themes should come as no surprise to you if you're an experienced Instagrammer. These are, and have been, the most popular Instagram niches for quite some time. If you look deeper into each explore page, you'll notice that all of the tabs are dedicated to viral material solely!

It will be extremely beneficial to your growth if your material appears on these specialist explore pages. Instagram will not just consider your account and content to be of high quality. However, you will experience substantially more growth than you have in the past.

5. Instagram Stories are Getting More Powerful!

For a long time, Instagram Stories has been the most popular feature on the platform. There are new filters, stickers, gifs, and other items to spice up your Instagram Story virtually every other week now.

Instagram has also begun to promote Stories in their Explore Tabs. Influencer stories with a high number of views are occasionally promoted in their own hashtag community or Explore Tab! Giving Instagram Stories even more clout.

Increase the amount of stuff you post to your Instagram Story; the best part about tales is that they only stay 24 hours. This might be a wonderful place to try out new content before posting it to your account feed.

6. Views & Saves Are the New Powerlikes

Instagram Views & Saves is the latest trend on Instagram. It is an important feature to help your posts trend as it increases social media engagement.

Views and Saves endorses your work to large and well-known Instagram accounts, encouraging people to interact with it. This establishes a link between your account and a global community. It also increases the reach of your information to a large audience.


This is going to conclusion our guide to Rank On Instagram Explore Page. 
All the factors we have mentioned about are some of the major factors used to rank your content on the Explore Page.

You'll be able to stay ahead of the game if you can see trends and analyze activities. Begin examining these modifications, as we did earlier. Small modifications might reveal a lot about how important various features are to Instagram.

Start implementing all of the suggestions we've provided to take your account to new level!

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