How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

In today's media-driven world, having a great Instagram marketing strategy is essential if you want to increase your Instagram followers

Instagram is already on your radar if you're a social media marketer. While other platforms, such as Facebook, aim to bring people together by sharing what's on their thoughts, this visual media behemoth has positioned itself as one of the most important social media marketing tools for businesses.

Instagram appears to be a secure sanctuary for marketing your company, with over 25 million companies and over a billion users as of 2022. Every day, over 95 million images and videos are submitted to the network, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. These figures are enormous, as you can see.

You'll be able to contact your target audience on Instagram regardless of their age, gender, or region. But the big question is: how can you make your company's message heard among all the noise on Instagram? How can you make sure your content get to your intended audience? Establishing a terrific Instagram marketing plan is the answer.

This post will walk you through all you need to know about developing a good Instagram marketing plan for 2022 in order to grow your brand.

How Instagram's Algorithms Works?

It's a good idea to learn how Instagram works before you start planning and investing in an Instagram marketing strategy. In 2016, the ever-mysterious Instagram algorithm was implemented. The visual media behemoth stated that the chronological feed would be replaced by an algorithm.

According to Instagram, the app's growing popularity has made it far more difficult to keep up with all of the images and videos submitted on a daily basis. They had to modify the algorithms that determined how postings appeared in people's feeds since an average of 70% of users missed crucial feeds when they were shown in chronological order.

The updated algorithms, in light of these findings, could presumably help people see more related content in their feeds. Users were less than enthusiastic with this new feature, as there are now a plethora of elements that influence algorithm-based feeds, such as how much engagement a post receives or how long someone spends looking at your post.

Overall, getting your photos to appear higher in Instagram feeds isn't difficult. All you need is a good marketing plan, which you should put into action. When developing an Instagram marketing plan, there are several variables to consider. If you're new to this, don't worry; online courses on some of the top learning platforms on the internet can teach you all you need to know.

Here are the finest Instagram marketing tactics to adopt in 2022 to get you started:

1. Establish Specific Objectives And Goals.

The first step in starting any project is to write out all of your goals and objectives. What exactly do you want to achieve from social media marketing? You should constantly aim to set ‘realistic' goals, depending on the nature of your firm. The following are some of the most common corporate objectives to monitor:

  • To Raise Brand Recognition, You Must Get Your Name Out There And Establish Yourself As An Authority In Your Field. Keep In Mind That Raising Brand Awareness Does Not Always Imply Sending Out Promotional Messaging. Posts That Demonstrate Your Personality And Values Should Also Be Prioritized.

  • Expand Your Audience - Exposing New People To Your Instagram Profile And, Eventually, Your Business Includes Increasing Your Audience. Instatool ProHas A Tutorial That Will Help You Increase Your Instagram Followers.

  • Create Leads - Just Because You Have A Large Number Of Followers On Social Media Doesn't Mean They'll Buy From You. Email Marketing And Lead Generation Utilizing Instagram Email Finding Tools Are Two Examples Of Efficient Techniques For Converting Page Visitors Into Leads.

  • Drive Traffic To Your Website - If You're Dead Set On Increasing The Amount Of Visitors To Your Website, Social Media Can Help.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

With Instagram marketing, who are you attempting to reach out to? It would be helpful if you knew who the majority of the app's users are and whether or not they would be interested in anything you're trying to sell. After you've figured out their demographics, you may learn more about them so you can select material that's relevant to them. You should also look at the following items:

  • What Hashtags Do They Like To Use?
  • What And Why Your Competitors Are They Following?
  • Why Do They Follow Companies Like Yours On Instagram?

While audience research takes a bit longer, it is necessary for determining your Instagram marketing plan.

3. Analyze The Material Of Competitors

You should spend some time analyzing your competitors in addition to establishing who your target audience is. Because you'll both be targeting the same people, it's a good idea to look them up and see what they're doing to maintain their engagement high. If you see an area in which they excel, devise strategies to assist you improve. 

4. Develop A Content Plan.

Identifying what you want to post on your Instagram account is another essential aspect of your marketing plan (and at what time and intervals). Because content production consumes a significant amount of corporate resources, you want to do it right the first time. Instagram marketing necessitates the posting of images, videos, stories, and user-generated material. Consider employing Instagram marketing strategies such as Collaborations Or Influencer Marketing, Contests, Giveaways And Carousel Post )

All of this is accomplished while maintaining a visually appealing feed.

The creation of a content calendar is also an important component of the content strategy. After you've decided what to post, you should think about when to post it. Plan ahead of time, taking into account important announcements, public holidays, and any special deals that may be available.

5. Track Your Progress

You can always test, learn, and optimize your material when it comes to Instagram marketing. It's pointless to spend extra time developing and sharing material that no one cares about. As a result, tracking your success is an important element of any Instagram marketing plan. You may utilize the built-in monitoring stats to see how many visits you get on average, how much interaction your articles get, which posts do better than others, and so on.

You'll not only discover which kind of content your audience enjoys the most thanks to Instagram analytics, but you'll also learn the ideal times to engage with them, as well as demographics like geography and age, which will help you design tailored posts and offers in the future.


There are several different approaches to developing a successful Instagram marketing plan. These five pointers, on the other hand, will get you started and help you climb the ranks while establishing yourself as an authority. Good luck with your Instagram marketing plan.

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