How Many Followers Do I Need To Get Money On TikTok?

How Many Followers Do I Need To Get Money On TikTok?

For anyone interested in monetizing their social media platforms, the million dollar question is often, “How many followers do I need to get money on TikTok?” TikTok has been gaining steam over the past few years and has quickly become one of the most powerful social apps. Now, with all the trends coming out daily and formulas for successful content, many are wondering what it takes to make money from the little app. 

In this article, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of getting money from the TikTok platform, from your follower count on TikTok to other important factors in making money from the app. We’ll discuss what followers look for, what kind of videos post for better chances of earning money, and most importantly, how to get as many followers as possible in order to make money from your TikTok content. Let’s get started by tackling the age-old question of...

How Many Followers Do I Really Need?

To make money on TikTok, the first question followers will inevitably ask is how many followers they need to be profitable. Most people are under the assumption that they need to have a large number of followers to make money from TikTok; however, that’s not necessarily true. 

While it’s true that having a large number of followers does increase the chances of getting money from TikTok, it’s certainly not a requirement. The key is to have an engaged base of followers who are willing to watch and interact with your content, not necessarily a large number of followers. 

In order to monetize your content and make money from TikTok, the majority of platforms require you to have 10,000 followers. However, if you’re creating higher-quality, more engaging content, you may be able to make money with fewer followers. 

Evaluating Your TikTok Follower Base

Though having followers is important, it’s even more important to evaluate the followers you already have. When determining your follower count, look for quality instead of quantity. Though it’s tempting to hit the goal of 10k or even more, keep in mind that you’re looking for engaged followers who will stick around to watch and interact with your content, not just sight-seers who click off as soon as they follow your account. 

If you have the numbers but do not see much interaction on your videos or posts, your follower count is practically useless. That’s why it’s important to take the time to create content that your existing followers will respond to. After all, one loyal fan that watches and interacts with your content is worth more than a hundred passive followers that are just end up randomly scrolling past. 

Types of Video Content That Resonate with Followers

Knowing how to measure the quality of tik tok followers is only half the battle. Once you’ve determined the kind of followers you want, you still need to know the type of content that will engage these followers and turn them into fans. 

Types of Videos That Are Popular With Followers

When it comes to the kind of videos followers are looking for, the phrase “quality over quantity” also applies. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the more high-quality, well-thought out content you can create, the more likely you are to attract new followers. Here are some of the most popular types of video content on TikTok:

1. Challenge Videos

Challenge videos are the rise and fall of trends on TikTok. You’ll often here about the latest “dance challenge” or “slap your friend challenge” - these are all built around starting their own trends. To make money on TikTok, it can be helpful to jump on popular challenges while they’re trending (just make sure to reference the original source in your video). 

2. Skits

Skits have become wildly popular on TikTok in recent years, as viewers are always looking for a good laugh. Comedy-based content also has the added advantage of being relatively easy to make; all you need is a good premise, a few props (if necessary), and a willingness to get creative. 

3. Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are especially popular for those creators looking to establish themselves as an industry expert (think cooking tutorials, makeup tutorials, etc.). These videos not only have a very wide audience, but the additional monetization potential from affiliate programs makes them particularly attractive to creators. 

4. Song Compilations

Music has always been an essential part of TikTok, and song compilations continue to be one of the platform’s most popular video types. As long as you’re not infringing on any copyright laws, there are endless possibilities when it comes to music-based content - lip syncing, mashups, singing covers, the possibilities are almost limitless. 

 5. Aesthetic Content

Aesthetic content is always popular on TikTok, as followers love the idea of creating their own spaces and vibes on their accounts. Aesthetic content can come in any form - from creative visuals to mood boards to clever interiors, as long as it creates a “vibe” for followers to appreciate. 

Engaging and Retaining Followers

Having quality content is only half the equation, as engagement with and from followers is also key to the success of the channel. It’s important to constantly respond to comments and messages from followers, as this shows them that their opinion (and feedback) is important to you. 

Likewise, creating or suiting up for engagements for followers to take part in - such as lip syncing competitions, duets, or local challenges - can go a long way in retention. Don’t forget to also use the “for you page” which features suggested content based off of users’ interactions on the app to find and engage with new viewers.

Making Money From TikTok

As the proverb goes, “You’ve got to put your money where your mouth is.” Despite all efforts of growing the number of followers and providing quality and engaging content, there is no guarantee of making money from TikTok. To actually start earning revenues from the platform, you need to know what opportunities are available for monetizing your content. Here are some of the best ways you can use to start making money with TikTok. 

Brand Collaborations and Ads

The time spent navigating challenges and content opportunities leads to being noticed by brands. The business happens through another platform rather than directly from TikTok, and companies often reach out to you with potential partnerships if you have the necessary number of followers and influence. These partnerships may involve endorsements, sponsored products or just a simple  ad agreement.

Selling Physical Goods

If you have physical goods with branded logos or items with designs using your content, this is another great way to monetize on TikTok. Of course, this requires you to establish a separate storefront where you can list your goods and receive payments, but the process is quite feasible. As you grow your following, expect quite a few inquiries on branded apparel, swag and more.

TikTok Live 

Any influencer on the platform knows that level of engagement drops off significantly if their followers are not enjoying their live sessions. To monetize your live sessions, make sure they are production-level quality and that the stream is engaging and full of relevant content. It’s also important to let your viewers purchase virtual gifts during the session. You can then get paid out in money which will be deposited into your account.


Having the right number of followers is certainly indicative of the potential profitability of content on TikTok; however, having a large number of followers does not guarantee income. The key to making money on TikTok is to ensure that responsible content is created consistently so that followers will remain engaged, and there are opportunities for monetizing content using influencer marketing, physical goods and live streams.  With the potential of TikTok steadily increasing, it is even more important for followers to have a good understanding of the monetization path they’ve chosen. With enough research, hard work, engaging content, and followers - you should be able to make money on TikTok!

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