How To Create Shareable Content On Instagram?

How To Create Shareable Content On Instagram?

Social media content is a critical aspect of every brand’s marketing strategy, and few platforms offer opportunities as bountiful as Instagram.

But even with an influx of new users every day, it can be hard to stand out on the platform. Creating shareable content that excites your audience and drives engagement is essential—but difficult. How, exactly, should they do it? 
The following are some tips and tricks that any brand—new or veteran—can implement to create noteworthy content that resonates with audiences and drives real results.  

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before attempting to learn how to create shareable content on Instagram, it’s important for brands to understand their target audiences.

Every post that you publish should keep a company’s target audience in mind and specifically cater to them. Without crafting meaningful content with a specific audience in mind, brands risk getting lost in the shuffle of numerous other industries also marketing themselves on the platform. Different social media audiences have different preferences. B2B brands, for instance, may have different likes and dislikes compared to B2C brands. Consider who you are and who it is that you are trying to target before you create content.

When creating content to share with your audience, it is essential to keep them in mind. That usually involves understanding their demographics, challenges, needs, demands, preferences and how interested they are in being kept up to date on your brand.

Identifying & Utilizing Trending Hashtags 

Searchable hashtags, or keywords associated with a post, are an important component of generating shareable content content on Instagram. 

Hashtags allow users to get discovered by interested audiences who are searching for ideas or particular keywords.
For brands, hashtags are an effective way to connect with followers and spectators. Especially if the hashtag is trending or is associated with another successful brand.
Keeping on top of What hashtags are trending is a smart way to stay on top of trends and be sure that your brand’s message reaches as broad of an audience as possible.
The higher trending hashtags are, the more likely they will be to generate consumer engagement.

Think Outside the Box

If your brand is going to have the opportunity to have the content shared, then your posts should be worth sharing. To achieve that type of content, thinking outside the box is essential. 
You could explore videos, GIFs and memes, stories, blogs, influencer collaborations, contests, promotions—the list goes on and on. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to think outside the box and come up with idea or three. 

Your content should be an honest reflection of your product or service—don’t just try to make it shareable by adding gimmicks about unrelated trendy topics (which will ultimately be transparent). And, try not to always opt for perfection either. Efficiency over perfection could be the key to successful shareable content.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

It may be tempting to create posts as often as possible in the hopes that it will attract traffic and followers. But, quality content should be the yardstick of a successful social media strategy.

It is crucial to avoid posting for the sake of posting and, instead, create content that is well thought out and meaningful. Creating posts with less frequency but ensuring that each one is well-formulated and high-quality can be a wise approach for brands looking for real success on Instagram.

That does not mean that quality over quantity does not include creating shareable pieces. Online posts should be just as good or better than anything you would be able to publish in print or on other platforms. Content that is thoughtful, emotional, or educational is conducive to virality, as that type of content often resonates with audiences more.

Use Analytics Apps/Tools

Thanks to the abundance of analytics tools available, there is no excuse to post without knowing results. 

Insightful tap into user-generated data to give an inside look into what type of content users relate to, the words they use while discussing the brand, and interactions with their posts. Such tools can give information on anatomy of a post and valuable feedback on how followers interact with each post. Keep in mind that tools vary based on their techniques, therefore it strongly recommended to understand them prior to use them.

If tracking, analytics, and optimization techniques seem overwhelming, take heart that there is plenty of help to be found online. Companies such as TrackMaven and Brandwatch are some examples of companies that provide support to businesses seeking to analyze, grow, and optimize their content. 

Be Authentic and Consistent

Shareable content should be created easier when brand's personalities and stories are implemented. After all, The authenticity of a brand voice is the keystone of any brand and person on social media. Challenge your brand to create content that portrays an honest, on-brand image. Doing this will establish an identity, authenticity, and trust with followers.

Posting consistently with quality content and interesting visuals to engage your audience is useful. Provide users with enough content to keep them updated but try not overwhelm them or become a distraction from their daily lives.


Creating shareable content on Instagram can seem like a challenge for a brand—and for a good reason: —it is. Without being strategic about how, when, and why to post, content still fails to engage and excite followers.

But if brands take the time to analyze more closely their followers, test different approaches, create accurate hashtags, emphasize quality over quantity, value their audience’s perspective, challenge themselves to think outside the box, and measure results with analytics, they will easily hit the mark of what it takes to create amazing and shareable content that resonates with users and drives real results. 

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